Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The World According to McKenna

She took her skirt off in Target today because it was itching! No worries, she had tights on. But still!

She insists on getting herself dressed everyday. She usually chooses red pants, a red shirt, red sock and a red hair bow because it "matches." This is what she does with every color under the rainbow. Black on black on black. Or her on pink on pink.

She wants her own iphone. She's been begging for one for 2 days now.

"Mom, take a picture of me saying ballet."

And it's not uncommon for her to change her clothes during the middle of the day to a "twirling" dress so she can dance.

Case in point:

Watching her dance all around the room while jumping over Will is pretty much typical of the kind of day I have every day.


1 comment:

Millicent said...

I'm quite impressed with her foot movement!!! Keep that girl in dance!!