Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve - Grammy & Grampy's Surprise

 What a surprise it was when the mailman knocked on our door on Christmas Eve with an enormous box! The kids were beyond excited to find out that huge box contained surprises from Ryan's parents in Illinois!
 Christian went first and loved his pitching machine Grampy picked out for him. He can't wait to be able to practice baseball all by himself! Notice McKenna's face in the bottom left picture. I love how excited she gets for her brother. When she saw it was something baseball, she was so excited for him.
 Then it was McKenna's turn. As soon as she opened her package she said, "What? Crackers? Grammy sent me crackers. Didn't she know I wanted a good surprise?" Ha!!! It was so funny. We could not stop laughing. She was not happy about those crackers, especially since Christian had just opened such a cool present.
 So we told her to try looking inside the cracker box and she was thrilled to find an adorable outfit that she had to immediately put on and wear for the rest of the night!!! So cute. I love it.
Everyone helped Will open his present and McKenna was the first to try it out. I've never seen such an adorable rocking horse. It's the Toy Story horse and it talks. It's really close to the ground, which is so nice for him at this age. He still can't quite do it on his own, but he's close. Such a big boy.

We miss our Illinois family so much. 
We missed them at Thanksgiving and we always think of them on Christmas Eve because that's when the whole family gets together and we know we're missing out on a good time. This year Ryan did get a few texts & pictures during the family gathering, which was nice.

Thanks Grammy & Grampy for making Christmas Eve so fun for the kids.
And thanks again for the yummy fruit you sent our family from Harry & David! It's almost all gone :)  Christian ate most of the oranges. McKenna loves the apples and I think those might be some of the best pears I've ever had! We love you guys!!

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