Tuesday, May 28, 2013

VBS insomnia

Have you ever heard of VBS insomnia?? It's when you can't sleep because you're in charge of planning a huge VBS that is just days away. It's a rare condition, usually affecting Children's directors their first year on the job. VBS is going to be awesome. I'm sure of that, but oh. my. word, it is so much work. There are 119 kids signed up right now. That's about half of what I'm expecting. I have been so blessed by all the volunteers that have been coming forward. (I've had to do very little begging). We currently have more volunteers that kids! That will change.

I am actually beginning to loose my mind just slightly. People can either sign up online or by filling out a paper form at church. I could not find the paper forms that people filled out 2 weeks ago. There were about 14 registration papers and I looked everywhere for them for 2 days. Ryan was even digging through the trash looking for them. I found them on Sunday. Sitting on my desk in a blue file folder that I had labeled "VBS Registration." They were right there the whole time.

Tonight I was sitting here worrying about something new. Worrying about loosing Jesus in all of it. I've been so focused on getting background checks for all the volunteers and ordering enough craft supplies for a yet unknown number of kids, and decorating and scripts and music and ...I still need a video/sound board guy and the VBS t-shirts have not come in yet..... so many details. It's all going to be so much fun, but most of all I want children to have an encounter with their Savior. I don't want my heart and mind to be so busy that I miss hearing what God wants me to be doing in all of this.

So this is why you haven't heard from me much. McKenna graduated from preschool. Christian got 100% on his spelling test two weeks in a row (this is a big deal..he's been struggling with spelling lately). Will is talking and talking and using lots of big words for 2 year old. Today he told me mom that he was "allowed" to do something. He also has started saying "oh goodness." He gets that from me. Christian played in his first baseball tournament. He came in 3rd. Anyway, life keeps on rolling and I think that's why I can't sleep.

I beseech your prayers over the next 2 weeks. Our whole family needs them (it's fireworks season again). I was busy all day today and I couldn't cross one thing off on my to-do list. (sigh). So pray that I'll get some sleep and that Jesus will be glorified through all these little details I'm trying to work out!

Monday, May 20, 2013

McKenna's Preschool Graduation

 We are so proud of this beautiful girl and the successful year she had in preschool!

 She loved making new friends and learning new things 3 days a week!
 She is officially ready for Kindergarten!

 Will gave his sister some love before the graduation program started.
 McKenna with her friends Cody and Sydney.
 Some more friends.
 On stage getting ready to sing a song.

 Playing the bells.
 So proud of that diploma! Thank you Mrs. Crouse and Mrs. Miller for another great year!
Best friends: McKenna & Gwen

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preschool Spring Concert

 Does this look like a nervous girl to you?? McKenna spent an entire week talking about how she was not going to go to her spring concert because she didn't want to sing in front of people. A few days before her concert we had a turning point all the sudden she started to get a little bit excited.
 She's had a wonderful preschool year. It's really prepared her for kindergarten.
 Uh-oh. The nerves showed up again, but as soon as she started singing she enjoyed it.
We love this silly girl!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Gift of Mother's Day

Earlier this week I was doing some laundry and discovered this crumpled up note in McKenna's pocket. I'm treasuring it forever. Christian and McKenna are most certainly the best of friends and more often than not, the worst of friends. Their arguing is a constant source of frustration and discipline. Sometimes I feel like the worst mom ever as we work through the same issues for the millionth time. This little crumpled up note made me realize that all my efforts may not be in vain after all.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommys out there. It's a tough job, but God will be faithful to give you the wisdom and encouragement that you need if you ask him for it!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our other ball player

 Will loves  baseball. Actually he loves any ball and knows which type of ball is which.
 He typically doesn't watch Christian's ball games...
He's too busy hanging out with PopPop.
 That's supposed to be his mean face :)
 One day we'll be cheering for him.
Oh my heart.

My life...

 Baseball is my life these days.
 I honestly look forward to his games and I love watching him play.
 My goodness...look at that face of determination.

 This picture makes me a little sad...that flag was half staff because the Boston bombings had just taken place.
Swing batter batter.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Zoo Day

The National Zoo in DC is amazing. First of all, it's free and secondly the animals actually interact with you when you're there. It was such a great experience for Christian.

I loved hanging out with Christian and his buddies all day!
Christian's favorite animal was the seal. It kept following the boys around.
I was so excited to see a Panda. They are extremely endangered.... only about 1600 left in the entire world and we got to see two of them.

Do you see the Panda rolling down the hill right behind Christian?

My favorite thing about the National Zoo was the Orangutangs. They have an area outside where the Orangutangs can swing along these cables right over your head. Pretty wild for the kids (and me) to see an Orangutang right over your head, hanging on by one hand!