Monday, May 6, 2013

Zoo Day

The National Zoo in DC is amazing. First of all, it's free and secondly the animals actually interact with you when you're there. It was such a great experience for Christian.

I loved hanging out with Christian and his buddies all day!
Christian's favorite animal was the seal. It kept following the boys around.
I was so excited to see a Panda. They are extremely endangered.... only about 1600 left in the entire world and we got to see two of them.

Do you see the Panda rolling down the hill right behind Christian?

My favorite thing about the National Zoo was the Orangutangs. They have an area outside where the Orangutangs can swing along these cables right over your head. Pretty wild for the kids (and me) to see an Orangutang right over your head, hanging on by one hand!

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Katy said...

My fave is the orangutangs too!!! And those pandas!!! So cute!!