Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Life

Yesterday I asked my mom is she ever remembered a time when my siblings and I were as sick as my kids are right now. She said that at some point we probably were but she didn't remember it and neither would I. I assured her that I would in fact remember it, because I would blog it. Maybe I shouldn't blog it because I'm not sure I want to remember this at all.

But it's life. And there are moments that aren't so pretty and that's just the way it is. So if you want a little window into what our life has been like lately, here goes.....

Ryan sat at Urgent Care on Monday (the only place opened) for 3 hours waiting for our turn. Work is stressful enough for him right now (he's in the middle of relocating his entire distribution center to a new hub an hour away) and this just topped it off. But he's a good daddy, so he did it.

I was one second away from jumping in the shower today for the first time in days, when I heard Will crying on the baby monitor. I almost cried. I just wanted one moment to myself. That didn't happen.

Christian threw up right after he drank an entire glass of chocolate milk. I know, I was all I could do to keep it together. And of course he threw up right on the rug in the kitchen. It's surrounded by hardwood floors, but nope, it all landed right on the rug. I threw the rug outside and will deal with that later. I wonder how long it will sit out there?

Literally 5 minutes after Christian's episode, Will threw up all over himself and me. McKenna started screaming and crying because I used one of her shirts that just happened to be sitting there to wipe it up. It was lovely.

Oh and I almost forgot...McKenna called 911 last night on purpose. She wanted to see what would happen. When they answered she started screaming and crying and didn't say anything because she was afraid she was going to get in trouble. She just sat there screaming while holding the phone. Can you imagine what they were thinking??  Thankfully I ran in the room to find out what was wrong and she handed me the phone. I've been letting her play with my old cell phone and even though it doesn't have a service plan you can still call 911 on it. I knew this and had specifically told her never to call 911, but my curious girl did anyway. Nice.


Anonymous said...

We are still praying. It's hard when they are little. And when you're equally as tired. I hope you get a moment or two to yourself and rest as well. (((hugs))) Anna

The Kirkland's said...

Praying for your sweet family and a few moments of peace for momma :)

jenn said...

oh man! praying that today is a better one for ALL of you!!! xoxo