Saturday, December 10, 2011

Will: 9 Months

Guess who is 9 months old today??!!!

To celebrate he got to eat pancakes for the first time this morning. He was slightly interested and did well with a few bites and then he was over it.

Just a few things I want to remember......
Teething is difficult for Will. Every time he cuts a tooth we barely sleep. So far he has 8 teeth, so we haven't slept much. Four on the top, four on the bottom.

I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for Will to be walking. ha! He is crawling everywhere and picks up all the tiniest things and shoves them in his mouth. At least when he's walking he won't notice quite as many crumbs & legos. Will is a FAST crawler!!! I can turn my back and he's gone. He has realized that the playroom is where the real action is. It's also one of the most dangerous places in the house thanks to his big brother and sister.

Will hasn't said any words yet, but he growls and laughs a lot. We also hear a lot of "a goo."

Will's favorite thing is cheerios! He eats them by the handful.

I'm done with nursing. I felt good that I nursed him for almost 9 months. I am actually sort of disappointed that it's over. I really wanted to nurse him through the winter to keep him healthier, but he sort of weaned himself. When Christian was in the hospital in October Will had bottles almost exclusively for 3 days. Then right after that we went on vacation and he had a lot of bottles because that was easier to do while traveling. Will decided that he LOVES bottles and that was it. I forced him to nurse for another month and then one night when he was arching his back and screaming I decided that it was time to let it go (but the cost of formula is killing me!!! I'm way too frugal for this!)

Every night when it's time for bed I carry Will into his room and he immediately starts crying. He's cries because he can hardly wait to snuggle up in the rocking chair and drink his bottle. The whole time I rock him his left arm is busy. He rubs his head and bangs on the bottle and tries to stick his fingers in my mouth. When that arm of his gets still I know he's finally calmed down and ready to go to sleep.

Will likes TV. He loves to eat books. Peek-a-boo makes him belly laugh. Ride-the-horsey-go-to-town is one of his favorite games. He loves it when you sing "I love you a bushel and a peck." Like most babies, he is fascinated with tags.

Will is by far the happiest baby I've ever had. He even smiles when he's crying. And you should see how his face lights up with Christian or McKenna talk to him. Ohhh precious! I'm so thankful my kids get to experience the joy of having siblings (Keeping it real...just a I typed that I heard Christian & McKenna yelling at each other).

This blog is Will's baby's book! After all, he is the third child!


Millicent said...

oh, this post makes me want another baby!!! So sweet!!! I told you there was something about that third one!

AmyBeth said...

Oh, I can hardly WAIT to see him this weekend! I could just eat him up!