Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas at the Mall

Who knew that a little trip to the mall to walk around and look at Christmas decorations could end up being so eventful!

1. We never pay to see Santa, but I guess he was bored or something because he invited McKenna and her friend Addie in to visit with him. The girls were beyond thrilled.
2. He even gave them Santa stickers to take home to their brothers.
3. Santa's elves were pretty cute too!
4. As we were walking away from Santa a news crew from our local television station stopped the girls and asked them if they wanted to be on TV. One of the reporters interview McKenna about Christmas.
5. Addie was super cute and loved talking to the reporter. She told her that she wanted an American Girl doll for Christmas.
6. I'm not so sure if  McKenna will actually make "the cut." She was very shy and didn't smile once during her whole interview. If you're local, keep an eye out for the girls on a Christmas commercial on NBC 25- WHAG.
7. Ronald McDonald....a fan favorite!
8. Will is so happy just to people watch! He's fascinated by other people and all the hustle and bustle going on around him.
9. Such sweet friends.

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