Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ballet Parent Night!!

 Ryan and I got to attend "parent night" at ballet. I was so excited to finally get to go into McKenna's class and see what she's been doing (parents don't get to go into the classroom ever...which I understand but I hate sitting in the waiting room having no clue what she's doing). Unfortunately McKenna was in a grumpy mood that night and although she listened and did everything her teacher asked, she barely cracked a smile. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that there was a room full of parents there.
The class lasts 45 minutes and during that time McKenna raised her hand three times and this is what she had to say:
1. Miss Barb, Lilly isn't staying on her spot.
(Nice of her to tattle on Lily, while Lily's mom is in the room).
2. Miss Barb, I'm hungry.
(Ok, the class is only 45 minutes what in the world! She ate before she came for Heaven's Sake).
 3. Miss Barb, is it time to go yet. I'm tired.
(Glad to see our daughter has such an awesome attitude about ballet).

Having McKenna in ballet this fall has certainly been interesting. I only intended for her to take ballet for about 2 months. She's only 3 and I didn't think it was worth the financial investment at this age. She just needed something special to do since Christian was going to Kindergarten, it helped her to have something special of her own to talk about. 

Four months later, she's still in ballet. 
Despite her bad attitude on parent night, she really loves it and is actually really good at it.
I was shocked when her teacher said "releve" and McKenna hopped up on her toes and knew exactly what she was doing.  Her favorite song right now is "We Need a little Christmas." She has the dance her teacher taught her memorized and dances around our house all the time.

So it looks like we might have a real little dancer in the making!


Holly said...

I love it! McKenna is such a sweet little dancer. This year I got to sit through parent night at well. It was interesting for my girls, too(Ellie was pulling her leotard up and her tights kept sliding down and her bum was starting to show. I actually had to get up in front of all the parents and fix her outfit...twice!). But just wait until the recital...these little ones are just so cute! And I heard a little rumor that McKenna's class may be dancing to Rainbow Connection (I thought about moving Ellie to that class, just because I love that song) : )

Heather said...

Yay for McKenna! Caroline is taking dance class too, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how well she does and howmuch she is getting out of it.

Katy said...

Ha! My friend Beth's daughter, Addison, started ballet this fall too. When they had their first parent day where the parents could watch, Addison cried and threw a fit the whole time. Go figure! Its no wonder they never let the parents watch! the kids do better without them! :)