Monday, December 19, 2011

The crawler and the tree

 I love how this precious boy of mine crawls over to me as soon as I walk into the room. And he really gets excited if I sit down on the floor and wait for him. 

I wasn't so sure how things were going to be with a Christmas Tree and a nine month old crawler. I didn't make the tree off limits because it just seemed totally unfair to put a shiny, lit up tree in the middle of the room and then tell him "no." So he's been allowed full access to the tree.
And it's been very sweet. He's very curious but those precious little hands of his are very gentle. He swats and  plays with ornaments and occasionally gets them off the tree. So we've hung all the "baby proof" ones around the bottom. McKenna for the most part monitors the ornament situation around the bottom of the tree. She rearranges things for him and put the ornaments back on when he takes them off. And she tattles on him if he starts to play with a string of lights (which really hasn't been that big of an issue). I'm glad Will is getting to enjoy his first Christmas!! He loves all the lights.

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Anonymous said...

He is so precious!