Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That boy...

Tonight Christian got out of bed to tell me something "important." He had forgotten to tell me want he wants in his stocking this year. Hmmm...I don't think I've ever gotten "stocking requests" before, but I was curious to see what was on his list.

#1. He wants tape. The kind with the sticky stuff on one side and the kind with the sticky stuff on both sides. Easy peasy! I've got a bunch of both kinds of tape in the closet. It's just hidden because if he had any idea it was there, it would be gone by now. He is always crafting and making up something that requires tons of tape.
#2. He wants temporary tattoos. ugh. I hate those things. I'm hoping he'll forget about those before Christmas rolls around because even though we also happen to have some hidden away left over from Valentine cards last year, I don't think I'm going to give them to him. I don't want all of our Christmas pictures to have Toy Story and Cars tattoos in them.
#3. A mohawk hat. Oh my word, is that hilarious or what??!! This boy has never ever cared for one second what he's wearing, but apparently these hats are cool.
Can you guys see me actually buying this?? Ha! I guess you'll have to stayed tuned to find out.

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Sarah Joy said...

I would totally buy that hat and thought about it when I saw them recently! They are so cool!I hope he finds all these little treasures on Christmas morning and more.