Friday, December 2, 2011

Date Night

The night before Thanksgiving Christian took me out on a date! He got a coupon for a free meal at Olive Garden as part of a reading contest. So we headed out on the town. There really aren't words to describe how much I cherish time with just Christian. He talks and talks and talks when he's by himself.
I learned a lot:
1. Being good at school is really hard. Staying on "green" all day pretty much makes him miserable because there are tons and tons of rules. Some of the hardest rules are; don't call out and keep your hands to yourself. Oh the challenges of kindergarten.
2. His best friends all seem to be girls because they don't get him in trouble.
3. The highlight of every school day is playing kickball at recess.
4. He thinks reading chapter books is going to be exciting :) He can't wait to be able to do that.
5. Mrs. E says using the word "Indians" is bad. You should call them "Native Americans." I guess I'm not very PC.                    
6. Eating at a real restaurant is fun. It would be better if we knew some people there.
7. His learning partner at school is annoying because he doesn't listen. (hmmm...I think I could have made a point with that one).
8. Word searches are one of his new favorite things now that he knows how to do them (thanks to the kids menu).

What a great time we had! I love having a 6 year old! I think I might like my kids more and more as they get older. Not that I don't adore them now, I just think my personality is geared more towards older kids so I love this age.


Anonymous said...

What precious time with him! He is very insightful for a young man!!


Anonymous said...

Great picture of you two!