Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our FAVORITE Christmas Game!!!!

You've got to try this!!!

Alright, let me explain our FAVORITE Christmas game! We've played it twice already this year and we're planning on playing it one more time.
It's best when played with at least four people. Perfect for large groups of adults or kids.

1 dice, 1 prize wrapped in several layers of boxes, 1 large adult sized pair of mittens or ski gloves.

1. Find a small prize and wrap it really well with lots of tape! I usually use a little canister of M&Ms or a pack of gum. 
2. Put the wrapped prize inside a small box, then wrap the box really well with lots of tape.
3. Then put that box inside another box and wrap that box really well with lots of tape.
4. Depending upon the "skill" of the players, you can decide how may layers of wrapped boxes you want to have. I usually do three layers for kids and more for adults.

The Game:
1. Have everyone sit in a circle.
2.Choose a number on the dice. I'll use the #3 as an example.
3. Put the present and the mittens in the middle of the circle.
4. Anytime anyone rolls a #3 they have to put on the mittens and then try to unwrap the present.
5. They continue to unwrap the present until someone else in the circle rolls a #3. When someone else rolls a #3 then they have to pass the gloves and the present to that person.
6. The rest of the players continue to roll the dice and try to get a #3 so they can have a turn unwrapping the present.
7. Whoever unwraps the final present is the WINNER!!

This game is hilarious and evokes lots of laughter and controlled chaos. Just don't make it too hard for kids. If they're having a hard time getting the present unwrapped, then change up the rules and have them just wear one glove/mitten.

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