Monday, December 26, 2011

My Facebook Status on Christmas Day

"It's a good thing it's all really about JESUS because this day has included 1 kid throwing up, 3 kids with major fevers, 1 massive nose bleed, 4 battles over meds, some presents still unopened and to top it off I drilled through my thumb nail with the screwdriver tip of the drill (I know! What on earth?? Stupid toy assembly). So here's to JESUS!! So thankful he's my savior. I've talked to him more today than I have any other Christmas! So thankful he came so I can turn to Him when things aren't so great."

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Sarah Joy said...

I am sorry that it was so not the way you had planned for your day... Amen to Jesus being born and as close as the mention of his name! Praying all are well soon!