Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Cousin Christmas

Welcome to the world's longest blog post:

Last weekend all our Brinkley cousins came to town!
McKenna was pretty much beside herself with JOY that she was finally going to get to see Abby. 
Notice how they're matching! That was McKenna's idea.
It was such a treat to see Adam (my brother Tim's son). He is the same age as Christian, so they have a blast together.
McKenna taught the girls some of her dance moves. I tell you what I have the sweetest nieces in the world! They are so patient and loving towards McKenna. Every single one of them loves Jesus and they are all the perfect role models for McKenna to look up to.

Everyone had dinner at my house on Friday night. Then 9 of the 11 cousins spent the night.
The next morning everyone tolerated my mini photo shoots:)
Emma on the left, Charis in the middle, Sophie on the right and Abby in the front.
And here's the entire Marshall/Wise family! 
Isn't this the best picture?? They are a beautiful family even if Nate is grossly out numbered!!!!
Elizabeth, Adam and Hannah!
Then we loaded up in the car and headed over to my parents house. It took us four vehicles to get there!
We played our crazy mitten game and the winner of that game got to open the first Christmas present. Christian won!
Love her and miss her all the time.
Adam gave Christian a bottle rocket! Oh the extreme excitement when he opened that gift!
Nate started to open his new night vision goggles, while Christian continued to admire his prized rocket.
Nate is so cute, he actually thanked the Lord for his presents :)
Then everyone else went to town opening their presents.
Will even opened his very first present ever. It was a monkey snow hat. So cute.
Mimi loves her boy!!!
Then it was time to head out into the frigid temps to shoot off the rocket.
Time to eat. My mom worked very hard to fit all 19 of us around the table.
New toys are always so exciting!
And so are pretend earrings.
The Brinkley kids were thrilled that I was once again attempting to take their picture.
Will was a fan favorite.
I'm so glad Uncle Tim was finally able to meet Will. I think Will loved him.
The girls played some games.
And then it was pretty much time for everyone to head home. It was a great weekend, just way too short. We are just so thankful we had this special time together!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, loved having the whole family together! Happy Birthday Jesus!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sarah Joy said...

Wow! What a Christmas together. That looks like one packed house at your parents and the table... so impressed she seated all of you at one huge table! I love seeing how my Brinkley's have changed over the years! Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all these photos! Everyone looks great and it looks like you had a great time! Merry Christmas! Anna :-)