Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!!

 We love to celebrate Jesus! And we love having friends who come over and eat frozen pizza and apple sauce! ha! This time I spent my prep time on crafts and games and didn't worry about the food too much. That's my kind of party!
 We've been celebrating Jesus' birthday with these friends since Christian was two. I think that first year we had a total of  five kids between the three families. This year we have nine!! We always make some sort of edible craft. This year we made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones. Fun & messy!!
I think Ellie & Kate are babysitters in the making! Will loved them!!
 This is the one time a year the dads all get to hang out.
McKenna and Gwennie always have a wild time. I have no idea why they have their hands in the air :) They're just goofy!!
I think this is one of the best traditions ever. An easy way to focus on the TRUE meaning of the season!

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Mandy said...

Love this, friend!