Monday, December 26, 2011

December 23rd - Christian's Christmas

 On December 23rd we celebrated "Christian's Christmas." Christian's school has a Santa's Secret shop where the kids can buy presents for their families. Christian worked for over a month to earn $16 to take to Santa's Secret Shop. He could hardly wait to go shopping for our family. Grandmom volunteered at school the day Christian went and she said he put a lot of thought into the presents he chose.  Since it was such a big deal, we decided to let him give his gifts a little early. I didn't want the things he chose to get lost in the shuffle of Christmas morning. As it turns out, this night ended up being one of my favorite moments of Christmas.

Christian gave Will a giant bouncy ball! He LOVED it!!!
He gave me a covered baking pan. The perfect gift for me. Of course he insisted that I use it that night.
He gave Ryan some men's bath gel.
And then there was McKenna's present. He chose a Disney Princess school set for McKenna. It had princess pencils, paper, pencil sharpener and princess folders. She was so excited to open her present and I was so nervous that she would react appropriately. Earlier in the week Christian worked hard to make McKenna a "necklace." It was made out of paper and she flat out told him that she didn't like it and she wouldn't wear it. He was heartbroken and cried. So guess who got to wear the paper necklace for a day??? Me. 

I was really hoping she would love his gift and she did. Just look at her face. But look at the bottom LEFT picture....look at Christian's face. He was watching her carefully and he was so pleased that she liked it. I love that picture. Then of course she gave him a tackle hug :)

It was the most precious family night. We ordered out pizza and ate in the dinning room, which is always a sign it's a special night. I can't wait for "Christian's Christmas" next year!

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Holly said...

That is such a great idea! Kate bought presents this year, too, and she was also so excited about giving the gifts. It was honestly my favorite part of Christmas - seeing what she bought everyone and watching how excited she was to give gifts that were special! I just wish we would have opened them separately, as it did get a little crazy in the morning! I think we'll be having "Kate's Christmas" next year : ) I love how sweet Christian is and how excited he looks in these pictures!