Saturday, December 31, 2011

Medicine Man

Christian hates medicine. Ryan and I have said many times that it's almost like he has some psychological, irrational fear of medicine. He will start gagging before the medicine ever touches his mouth. The thought of medicine makes him wither into a puddle of sobbing tears on the floor. And don't think for one second that you can pull a fast one on him and hide medicine in any variety of food. He will immediately call your bluff and throw up. We've held him down and forced medicine down his throat and he promptly spits it out or vomits. We've tried really awesome rewards. We've tried discipline. We've tried prayer. We've tried to teach him to swallow pills. We've tried EVERYTHING.

Our pediatrician even knows about Christians phobia. He has given Christian a choice before about taking medicine orally or getting a shot and every time Christian chooses the shot. Insanity I tell you! 

So when Christian got a prescription for an antibiotic that was supposed to be given twice a day for 10 days, I shuddered. How on earth were we going to do this?? I pretty much have zero tolerance or patience for this kind of drama. And mean mommy usually makes an appearance rather quickly. But since it was Christmas and all I decided to be indifferent and be firm but not feed into the drama.The first day it took 2 hours to get one dose in him. We mixed it with orange juice and told him not to get up from the table until it was gone. Two hour later he finished it.  

But we worked on it all week and a mini-miracle took place in our house. And I'm not using the word miracle lightly. Check out the video we made for daddy. We had to record it because otherwise Ryan would not have believed it. I also documented it so I can show it to Christian the next time he has to take medicine.

While we're on the subject of medicine (I know, I know, this topic is riveting isn't it??) I have one more story to share.
 Will has had a rough time this week taking his medicine. He's gotten sick a few times because he can't stand the taste of medicine. So earlier this week I was getting ready to give Will his meds. and I told McKenna to start praying that he wouldn't get sick. She sat there and prayed and he didn't get sick. Every time since then, twice a day, either Christian or McKenna stand by and pray for Will when he takes him medicine. 

So how are we doing?? Better. You still wouldn't want to have your kids around mine, but we're getting there. I'm still worried about Will. He sounds like a purring kitty every time he breathes. It's worrisome. I'm hoping for a good nights sleep for both of us. Keep praying for him.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is a miracle!!! Way to go Christian! So proud of you for taking your medicine and not getting sick.

Glad to hear that the kiddos are recovering...sounds like you'll start 2012 with a healthily household.



Sarah Joy said...

So proud of you Christian!

Anonymous said...

wow! Truly amazing!

Millicent said...

way to go Christian!!! That was awesome!!!!