Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday with a prayer request

McKenna's about to turn one and it's been a rough year for her. Definitely not picture perfect. Tons of ear infections, a hospital visit at two weeks old for the flu (that was scary), pneumonia twice and lots of other respiratory issues and a diagnosis of reactive airway disease. BUT she is a happy, healthy little girl. We can handle all of her issues and I know that her second year of life is going to be much easier for her. There won't be the constant teething and now that she's got tubes in those little ears I'm expecting to have no ear infections. We've learned how to handle the reactive airway disease and I think we can manage it pretty well. I feel confident that she'll out grow it! SO WE ARE BLESSED! God has been so good to us and I am so thankful for our healthy children! Most of you can probably say the same thing right now! Isn't God so good? But let's not forget to be faithful in praying for those dealing with the illness of their child.
I don't know if you've checked in our sweet cousin Olivia lately, but she really could use your prayers right now. You might remember how we've prayed her through several heart surgeries and we rejoiced this summer when Olivia's leukemia mysteriously disappeared! Well, Olivia was just diagnosed with something called MDS (warning: I don't really understand all of this. You'll have to read her blog to really understand it). MDS is a form of pre-cancerous leukemia (If I understand it correctly). She has 5% blasts (I don't know what "blasts" are, but it's not good) in her bone marrow and you are diagnosed with leukemia when you have 20% blasts. Her parents and doctors are trying to decide what to do right now! PLEASE PRAY! I'm praying that the leukemia will mysteriously disappear again and that it WILL NEVER COME BACK! Just please keep their entire family in your prayers.

And then there's this little cutie named Cora! She reminds me so much of McKenna. I think Cora and McKenna are basically the same age. This fall Cora was struggling with constant ear infections and respiratory issues (sounds familiar doesn't it???). Several doses of antibiotics later she still wasn't well so the doctor's drew some blood, got the results and sent her immediately to the hospital. That all took place on January 22nd. Just a few days later she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It has spread all over her body. This family NEEDs a miracle and Cora NEEDs your prayers. Please get on your knees and beg our heavenly father to spare this little girl's life. Please join with hundreds of others in praying for Cora and in encouraging her family on their blog.


the*4*of*us said...

I have been praying for both of the girls....little Cora's situation is breaking my heart.

The Chatt Pack said...

Love the new look! Thanks for all the extra prayer requests!