Friday, February 6, 2009

Let the Partying Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've got a busy couple of days coming up! Emma's birthday is on Saturday and McKenna's birthday is on Monday! So the kids and I kicked things off today! We surprised Emma at her school for lunch! This is Christian and McKenna right before the big surprise! Don't worry, I may not be in the picture, but I had my party hat on too! Emma was outside for recess, with the rest of the second grade, right before lunch.

As soon as we walked outside a crowd gathered around McKenna. The kids were so funny they kept telling me that they liked my baby! They didn't say "oh she's cute." They said things like; "Excuse me, I think you have a very nice baby." And "What a nice baby you have there." Hysterical coming for a bunch of second graders. I think McKenna is giving me a desperate look like - "get me outta here." They were a bit loud. I finally asked the kids to go find Emma and a posse of them took off to find her.

And this is the shot I got of her as soon as she spotted us with our hats and balloons! She was so excited! Especially once I told her I got her a Southern Style chicken sandwich from McDonalds - her favorite!

Saying "hi" to McKenna!

Emma had a few more minutes to play before she was called in for lunch. So she took Christian and showed him around the playground. Emma's in the blue jacket and Christian has the party hat on. She kept her arm around him the whole time.
Loving the arm around him (again!)!

Christian was a little overwhelmed by all the noise. You know how cafeteria's can be, but we had a fun lunch! Emma loved all the attention! Kids kept stopping by the table telling her 'Happy Birthday.' And even the lunch ladies kept stopping by to wish her a 'Happy Birthday.' Emma was just eating it up (no pun intended)!

It was also Emma's friend Blake's birthday today! I wish I had a picture of this sweet moment!! We brought Emma a balloon and Blake a balloon, because I didn't want him to be shown up on his own birthday. When Emma gave him the balloon he was so excited, he jumped up and hugged her. It's so fun to be 8! I love it that no one thought it was gross that they hugged each other! They were all just excited for Blake too!

Such a fun surprise! And this is just the beginning for Emma. Her friend Jenn is going to surprise her this afternoon. Then she's got a much anticipated Hannah Montana party with Mommy, Daddy, Nikki, Abby and Nate at Daddy's house! Then back here for a combine celebration with McKenna on Sunday night. Then a High School Musical sleepover next weekend with her friends! Somehow I don't remember 8 being this big of a deal when I was 8, but Emma does know how to celebrate!!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! What fun!!! I love McKenna's desperate look and the sweet picture of Emma running toward you.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! What fun!!! I love McKenna's desperate look and the sweet picture of Emma running toward you.

Becki Schuurman said...

Can I just say what a cool aunt you are?! This will be an amazing memory for Emma!