Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our HOME today

This morning Nathan said, "Wow, this is cool. Christian and I have twin coughs." Meaning they both sound horrible with really bad coughs. So off to the doctor we went. Diagnosis: 2 Boys with bronchitis. Chrish got two antibiotic shots and after Nathan saw that he assured me that he would in fact drink his medicine!
So this is the scene...Chrish on the couch...McKenna being wild and Nathan coughing all over everyone, but acting just fine.

This guy is so sweet but has a definitely stubborn streak. He absolutely refused to take a deep breath when the doctor asked him to.

And then there's this girl who is looking very grown up today!


Sarah Joy said...

My, sharing "twin" coughs, how cute is that! Cute to say but not to do right? Praying for all of you... BTW how is the ever growing up McKenna doing.. tummy issues any better?

Heather said...

Is this bringing back memories of last year? You were at the doctor ALOT last year, what a difference you have this year. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Katy said...

oh twin coughs - you have to smile at that one! and what's with mckenna looking like a BIGGGGGG girl in that cutie outfit!!!