Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrapping up the season

 This picture cracks me up....he is such a serious ball player!

 It took me all season, but I finally figured out a system to corral Will so I could actually watch the game. The games are long, usually around 2 hours or more. Will does great in his stroller for about an hour, but then he's done. I don't blame him, why would he want to sit there for 2 hours???
 So this system was a pain to drag out to the field, but so worth it!!!
 Baseball is over now. 
It was great! So great!
 Christian grew so much as a player and learned to deal with some tough stuff. There was a bully on Christian's team this year. Like the kid literally punched other kids and said some awful stuff to Christian. But Chrish handled it well. One time this kid was out in the outfield yelling at his own team about how dumb they were and Christian told him to stop being a bully and to be quiet if he couldn't be nice.

 Love this picture!

Please notice the kid in the background catching bugs! ha!

 McKenna loves to run the bases after the games. She always talks about "when I play baseball...."
 Shaking hands with his coaches.

 The whole team!
 I'm so thankful for the two dads who stepped up and coached Christian's team this year! They were both encouragers who helped build the boys confidence and were more interested in giving them an opportunity to try different positions and grow as well rounded players than winning. Although we all liked winning too!
 Coach Kevin with Christian, Carter and Hudson.
 One proud dad.
Good thing Grandmom loves baseball, she's got many, many years of grand-stand cheering in her future.

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Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed this baseball season. Christian's skills have greatly improved. He had wonderful coaching from his coaches and his dad.