Monday, June 4, 2012

Ready or not...

 I think we're ready for Christian's last day of school. 
I'm not really a crafty person, so I was pretty proud of these cute little gifts Christian & I made for the bus driver and teacher assistants.

I'm still up because I'm writing out rhyming clues for a scavenger hunt the kids are going on tomorrow to find some surprise goodies. I wish it was going to be warmer, because I had big plans to have a fun afternoon, but the cooler temps are ruining it. Oh well.

Our day tomorrow is going to be packed full of surprises and friends! I'm so excited and Christian is so excited to be done with Kindergarten, but tonight it really hit him that it's over and he cried and asked me if we could invite his teacher to his birthday party so he can see her again. 

I remember those mixed emotions. I cried on the last day of school every single year...including the years that I was a teacher. So tomorrow we are making sure it's a HAPPY, HAPPY day filled with lots of good things so there won't be any time for crying!

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