Thursday, June 28, 2012

Missing them...

 Emma has grown up so much. Every time I see her she's changed even more. She's gorgeous and sweet and totally acts like a teenager ((sigh)). I should clarify...she acts like a "good" teenager :) McKenna told me that she likes to play with Abby better because Abby is a kid and Emma is a grown up.  She still loves Emma tons and tons, but she's right...Emma's grown up.
 And then there's this little character named Nate.
 Right when they were getting ready to leave he came up with a "plan." He decided that if he got himself stuck in this little car, then he wouldn't be able to leave because he would be stuck. It was a genius plan until he realized that he could easily get out of the car. Oh well.
I told Nate that next time to think of a better plan so maybe he wouldn't have to leave and he decided that when he's nine he's going to come and stay with Christian for a whole month. And they're going to live in the bonus room and I can buy him a flat screen 3D tv. I didn't know they even made those and I don't think I'll be buying one if they do, but it's a cute plan.

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Miss them too!