Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer: BINGO bucket list

Let me just take a moment to say that I hope you guys aren't getting annoyed with all my summer plan sharing. I'm simply sharing what we're doing to give you some ideas for you own family. 90% of what we do in our home was a thought that someone else had that they shared with me. I'm not great at coming up with my own creative ideas, so I'm just passing along ideas that I've found to work for us and I'm hoping they might work for you too :)

Last years list
 For the past two years we've made a bucket list of all the fun thing we want to do over the summer. It's fun to make a to-do list that's just fun!

This year I'm making the fun even more fun by turning it into a game! My kids are going to love this.
Our 2012 List

On the last day of school we made our summer BINGO game. Each circle on the board contains one activity/event that we'll be doing over the summer. 

To add to the fun, when we fill up a row (horizontal, diagonal, four corners, etc) there will be an extra surprise. There's nothing like getting rewarded for having fun. 

The other reason I LOVE this BINGO board idea is because last year we ended up with two things on our list that we didn't do. We had a newborn in the house and I just couldn't do it all. So then I felt bad and they felt like they missed out on something because we didn't accomplish everything. No worries this year...this might be cheating, but if we are getting to the end of the summer and there is something on that chart that we just aren't going to get to, I can take the circle off and replace it with something simple that we can accomplish.

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Katy said...

That's very fun!!!! Love the idea!!! And I think its hilarious that you keep.talking about how you're not creative. Whatever!!!