Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Last Day...

Remember this sweet face on the first day of Kindergarten?  Back then he didn't know how to read, he had never been on a school bus, he didn't know the rules of kickball, he knew nothing about the Revolutionary War or who the first president of the United States was. He paid no attention to recycling and had no clue what a fraction was. Today his little brain is crammed full of so much knowledge, it's hard for me to believe. And those clothes don't fit him anymore.
His first bus ride....

and then remember how I followed him to school?
Because of this priceless teacher, Mrs. E, Christian has had the most amazing school year. I cannot even put into words how much this woman means to me. Seriously. Christian was so blessed to be in her classroom this year!! I have been stealing her ideas all year long and using them with McKenna at home.
And we also simply adore the High School intern that Christian had in his class this year. Miss Emiley was so sweet to Christian and I know she was an invaluable asset to Christian's teacher.
And here's my guy on his last day of school with his t-shirt on that his class made.
My neighbor, Mandy, asked me a few weeks ago to help her plan an end of the year surprise party for her girls and for Christian.
So we had a fun surprise get together! It's kind-of funny to see Christian with all those girls.
We had an egg toss...with the hardest eggs on earth. The kids were literally chucking them at each other and they weren't breaking.
Doughnut eating contest!
 Scavenger hunt!
Water war!

It was a great start to the summer!


AmyBeth said...

Your house is so fun!!! My kids can hardly wait to come visit! And how sweet to see Ella in these pictures - Emma can hardly wait to see her again:) It is hilarious seeing Christian with all those reminds me of Nate's life...:)

Holly said...

I am coming to your house on the last day of school next year. I think I might just park myself right there in your driveway and wait for the fun to begin...and I won't leave until after the last fireworks display : ) Yay for summer! I, too, have a sweet little kindergarten graduate that has learned so much this year. It's funny how fast the year has gone (and how God answered all of my prayers and calmed my worried mama heart at the thought of sending my girl into the world)! Congrats to Christian!