Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Home Owner

I bought this little house 5 years ago at a yard sale for $35.

The house in 2009 with it's original owner.

A new guy has taken up residence in this play house this summer.
Welcome to Will's place!
It's one of his favorite places to hang out. He basically likes to just open and close the door over and over again. That's cool...whatever keeps you busy little man.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! He looks sooo grown up here...not a baby anymore.


Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute!

In Line With The Word said...

I LOVE the next to the last photo of Will holding the door open. He seems to have a little swagger going while getting ready to say, 'Hi, come on in!'

AmyBeth said...

This is probably one my favorite posts! Love that adorable little man - he couldn't be more precious! I could just squeeze him (but he won't let me!)