Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 McKenna has this little friend who basically has NO FEAR when it comes to water. The girl just jumps in full throttle.
 Then there's McKenna who fusses at people when they splash her in the pool. She pretty much likes to keep her entire face and head dry. But that little friend of hers was showing her up and she's not about to be out done.
 So she abandon her puddle jumper and switched to arm floaties.
 And she actually let Emma hold her hands while she jumped in, even though water would go over her mouth.
Before long she was jumping in while holding onto just one finger.
That's big progress for his little peanut!

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Katy said...

My kids are.total fish and people.give us the funniest looks. Caleb totally jumps.all in, swims to.me, and then swims to.the steps - totally on his own. It's crazy.