Thursday, June 14, 2012


Christian 2.5 years old

Christian, my precious first born.
I told him last night that the Bible tells us that children are a "gift" from God and that he is the absolute best gift I ever received. I asked him to sit on the couch with me and snuggle one last time as a six year old. He complied (which is rare) and seemed reluctant to go to bed. I told him the top 6 things I love about him and when I was done he told me I could keep talking :)
I think he loved hearing good things about himself. Then he wanted me to tell him "exciting" stories about when he was little (because he's soooo old now). We don't really have any cliff hanger stories from his childhood, except for maybe the day he was born.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into the day this guy showed up. But I'm so thankful.
Today we are celebrating in seven year style with a Mario party!
Never fear, there will be tons of pictures coming. I might even let you see the completely lame cake I made. I tried using fondant for the first and possibly the last time. ha!
I called my mom and told her to pick up some cupcakes!
Okay, time to get's party time.


Katy said...

can't believe he's 7 already....look at how he has grown! glad you got some snuggle time with your 6 year old one last goes so fast doesn't it! I'm not a fondant girl either....

Anonymous said...

Think there must be a gene needed to be able to work with are either born with it or your not! Hope the party was a huge success!


Anonymous said...

Happy 7th Birthday Christian!!! Keep having cuddle time with mom...even if you don't want to cuz' moms need that time with their sons! Enjoy being 7...your year will be filled with great fun and adventure!!