Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christian's Mario Party!!!!

 For Christian's 7th birthday we had a small party with just four friends and McKenna of course. Notice how she is right in the middle of it all!
 I told Christian to wait for his friends to arrive in the front yard (because I didn't want them to see the obstacle course set up in the back yard). He grabbed a football and when they arrived they had fun throwing it around.
 Since this was a Super Mario Party each of the boys made their own pizza for lunch!
 We have now reached the stage where sports necklaces, legos, money and silly string are pretty much the best gifts on earth! Christian's friends know him so well. He felt very blessed and was very thankful for all his gifts.
 Next up we played clothes pin tag. Easy game and it wore them out. Each boy got 4 clothes pins. I set a timer for 5 minutes and the goal was to end up with the most clothes pins at the end.

Then it was time for the obstacle course.
Since it was a Mario party, the object of the game was to rescue Princess Peach (aka McKenna) from Big Bowser (me...I was armed with a squirt gun and a pool noodle). They had to go through lots of obstacles before they were able to rescue Princess Peach from the playhouse.

Obstacle Course:
 Wagon Pull: The boys had to pull each other about 10 yds.
The balance beam.

Down the little roller coaster...I love Christian's face in the picture on the left.
Hoola Hoop Jump
Our favorite part of the obstacle course...the water balloon whack! This was fun!
Spider Web Challenge
Through the tunnels, then down the slip-n-slide and then it was time to save Princess Peach.
The boys each got a can of silly string to help them defend the Princess from Big Bowser. Their cans were empty in under 2 minutes.
They did it... they saved her!
The Mario Mushroom cake, birthday banner that McKenna made and Christian's showing off the white chocolate wii remotes he gave to his friends as party favors.
It was a great party with friends!!!


AmyBeth said...

You are seriously the funnest mom EVER!!

Anonymous said...

Super, fun party. Wish I was 7 again!!!!