Monday, June 25, 2012

Taming Back Talk

People...we have a problem. It's called back talk. There is nothing on earth that gets me more fired up than back talk and Christian is a real pro. 

We've got a few other behavior issues too and I have learned that it's sometimes best not to "engage" the behavior, just to firmly put an end to it.

Enter.... the green bucket.

It's working....and that's why I'm sharing, just in case some of you might need a green bucket too :)

Each morning Christian gets 7 clips (clothes pins) on this green bucket. Anytime I catch him doing something good that goes above and beyond what is expected, I put a clip in the bucket. At the end of the day if all the clips are in the bucket, he can stay up an hour late (until 9pm).

The clips can also come out of the bucket if he back talks, disrespects me or has an issue with his little sister.
I have been known to move all the clips back to the just depends on the severity of the behavior infraction.

Christian hates to go to bed early, so this is working because it is tied to something he daily cares about.

Tonight there are still 2 clips on the outside of the bucket. Looks like someone is going to bed early :)

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Anonymous said...

That is brilliant! I love it! I wonder if it would work on 10 year olds? Hmmm....
Anna :-)