Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teaching lowercase b and d

I was just talking to someone about how their child is struggling with lowercase b and d confusion and I wanted to send them this info, but it was easier to put it in a blog post. This will only apply to you if you've got young kids or you teach young kids. The rest of you can carry on with your lives :)

The two sayings "Bat before the ball" and "door knob before the door" are probably the most effective way of teaching this concept.  There's a youtube video found HERE that explains how to teach it. The "teacher" on there is goofy so skip to the 1min 15 sec marker to get to actually how to teach it.

I love this way of teaching it because they always have their hands with them and they can use their hands to "check" and see if it's a b or a d if they forget. Go HERE to see another video clip (it's lame, but you get the point...maybe I should start making you tube teaching videos. I couldn't find anything decent).  Go HERE to print a free post of the "bed" teaching concept.

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