Saturday, June 23, 2012

McKenna's Amelia Bedelia Moment

Christian's going to a ball game tonight and I asked him what he was looking forward to the most and he said he hoped that he got to see one of the players steal a base. McKenna's was listening and her eyes got really big and she said, "What? You mean they pick up the bases and take them home? That's not nice, then on one else can play."

Later, we were loading our shopping bags into the car and the man in the car next to us was sitting there smoking a cigarette with his window rolled down. McKenna said (plenty loud enough for him to hear clearly) "Hey look at that guy. He has that smoking thing in his mouth that makes you die. Is he going to die soon?" Time to teach her a little discretion.


Katy said...

Good luck on the discretion thing.....mine.still don't get it :). Totally hilarious about the stealing.bases!!!

Anonymous said...

:-D That is so funny!!! About the bases, I mean. Anna