Sunday, June 3, 2012


We got to see Ryan this weekend. Only for about 18 hours, but it was so nice to have him home. I'm thankful that Christian has baseball because Ryan definitely feels like he needs to be there and so it makes him come home :)

Work is beyond stressful for him right now. It's hard to believe the things he has to deal with this time of year. I asked him approximately how many hours he worked last week and he said "I don't know exactly but probably less than 100."  Yeah, that's not a typo...he literally is working close to 100 hours weeks. I worry about him. I wish he worked closer so we could at least stop in and check on him. But it's just for a season.

I was driving in the car today and the kids and I were singing along to a song, I looked in the rear view mirror and I had one of those moments where life kind of pauses and you realize how amazing it all really is. The last 9 years of my life that I've been married to Ryan has been so full of priceless treasured moments that I want to hold in my heart forever. He has worked so hard to give me a beautiful life. How thankful I am that I get to raise his children and that I can stay home with them because of the sacrifices he's making right now.

We miss him. There's a little four year old little girl who simply adores him and cries for him all the time. She always tells me she loves daddy "180" or  "260" or some number greater than one hundred. Which is her way of saying she really loves him a lot. Today she made him a picture covered with hearts and when I told her that she did a good job on her hearts (I didn't know she could make them) she told me she put lots of hearts on there so daddy would know that's how much she loves him. I think he knows sweet girl!

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