Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puddles on the porch

 There's nothing like a little sunshine after a storm.
 I love her tiny little footprints
 This was Will's first time stomping in a puddle.
I use the word "puddle" loosely since the porch was barely wet.
 Just so ya know...she picks out her own outfits. I love the purple shorts with the ballet skirt.
 He tries to copy everything she does.
 He's become such a toddler. Our baby days are behind us.


Katy said...

that last picture of will is awesome!! of course he tries to copy everything mckenna does!! and yes, i totally knew that mckenna picks her own clothes...because my callie is the EXACT same way!!! Kindergarten should be interesting! :) Oh - and I love your porch!!!

Rio said...

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Anonymous said...

They just melt my heart!