Thursday, June 14, 2012

The "real" Recital

 McKenna was so excited about her "real" recital. The dress rehearsal got rid of all her nerves and she just literally COULD NOT WAIT to be on stage. And she LOVED wearing make-up for the first time.
 I was super nervous about the whole thing mainly because it was right in the middle of Will's nap time and we had never just completely skipped a nap before. And I felt like there was a complete lack of supervision back stage. They expected me to just drop McKenna off 45 minutes before the recital started and leave her in a sea of pretty little girls with instructors running around attending to last minute things (paying no attention to the children). I now realize just how C-raz-eee this whole recital business is. Those of you who know me well can probably guess that I didn't leave her (she's four for Heaven Sake). Instead I tied lots of ballet shoes and tucked in lots of laces and ran lots of little girls to the potty.
 I was correct to be nervous about this guy. He completely fell apart and Ryan spent a good hour and a half standing in the lobby with him screaming. It was lovely. Thank goodness for baby apps on the iphone or it would have even been more miserable.
 She was so excited!
 McKenna was tickled that our neighbors Anessa and Raeann came to what her dance. I adore her smile in this picture.
 Christian kept asking me why he couldn't stay home. But during McKenna's dance he did whisper to me that he thought McKenna was really good. He only stayed for 7 songs and he and Ryan and Will left after that. Will had had enough.
 McKenna was the youngest girl in her class. Can you tell? She was the only four year old. Most of the girls were six.
 I loved watching her interact with the girls in her class.
 They all stood in the line -waiting- for 30 minutes. That was a long time to just stand there.
On the stage! I love that smile!
Remembering to smile
She was supposed to look like a rainbow.
I was so impressed that most of the other girls kept watching the teacher, but McKenna just knew what to do.
After she was done her performance and came down off the stage, she asked me if she could do back up on stage and do it again.
Flowers from daddy.


Katy said...

It's a whole.different world isn't it? Glad she enjoyed it.....

Anonymous said...

Way to go McKenna! You look beautiful. Anna :-)