Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For starters, I'm a nervous wreck about Ryan right now. He's in Northern Alabama and there is a tornado outbreak. The weather is downright awful down there right now. Last night Ryan woke up to the sound of tornado sirens and today he spent over an hour sitting in a hallway while two tornadoes touched down within miles of him. We all need to pray for the people of Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas, that the Lord will protect and preserve their lives and homes!

In other new, for two nights in a row Will wet through his size 2 diapers. So last night I finally whipped out the box of size 3's. Yup, that's six week old baby is wearing a size 3 diaper. Crazy!!

Another preschool mom had a baby boy two weeks ago. He's teeny tiny compared to Will and today Christian said, "Mom, don't you just love Naomi's baby brother. He's so tiny and cute. I think I like him better than Will." To which I replied, "Well, you're not allowed to like other babies better than Will. It's a rule; you're brother has to be your favorite." He looked at me like I was crazy, then shrugged and said "okay." I know, I'm an awesome mom :)

I went to the dermatologist today (told you this was going to be random). My skin is always a hormonal mess when I have a baby and I just couldn't stand it anymore. Well, the first words out of the dermatologists mouth were "you really have a lot of sun damage on your face." What?? I know I'm a freckled mess, but I didn't really think it was sun damage, but apparently so and all those freckles are just going to keep getting darker and more pronounced. Good grief I'm getting old. She said, by the time I'm 40 I should start having annual cancer screenings. Hello??? So people....wear sunscreen!!! She told me I should have SPF 30 on my face every day! And I should also be using cream/lotion at night with Retinal in it to prevent all the wrinkles I'm going to get eventually because I've gotten too much sun in the past. I had to pay a pretty penny for that advice, so there you go....a free skincare lesson for you!

I was giving Will a bath the other night and as usual McKenna was in on the action. And she said, "I hope Will does that waterfall trick again." I was puzzled for a second and then I remembered.... the last time I gave Will a bath he peed and to her complete amazement it shot straight up in the air. Apparently it reminded her of a waterfall. Nice.

One last bit of randomness...
THIS is one of my most favorite things on earth! I think every mom with young kids should have one. It's cordless!! It's super light!!! It is awesome on hardwood, laminate & carpet!! Did I mention that it's cordless!!!! I'm in love and my kitchen floor actually looks deceptively clean. It's not really clean because I never scrub it, but you won't see any crumbs on it either! Love it!!


Holly said...

Hey, Judy - when you have a minute, can you tell me which dermatologist you go to? I went to one before I had Kate, and I feel like I need to go back, but I called and it's almost a 6 month wait! I think that is crazy and was hoping I might be able to go somewhere else.

Oh...and I spent five summers as a lifeguard, soaking up the sun! I'm right there with you on the sun damaged skin! Must get some retinol ASAP, I guess...thanks for the tip!

Millicent said...

oh my---that was funny! Except the part about Ryan, but the rest was funny!!!!