Monday, April 25, 2011

Do your kids have this problem?

Christian can't stand to get his picture taken outside.

The sun seriously bothers him.

And he freaks out about it so much that Mckenna starts to have issues too.

It's a miracle we ever end up with decent pictures.

I figured I might as well put all these "bloopers" on the blog so I'll remember 20 yrs from now what an ordeal it was to get decent pictures!!


Katy said...

i feel your pain! mine aren't quite that bad, but if the sun is in their eyes, they do get quite annoyed!! maybe they have a light sensitivity? mine tend to whine more about being hot. they look awfully cute though! :)

millicent said...

would you believe me if I told you that Wyatt does that???? Even in the shade--makes me CRAZY!!!!

Heather said...

Poor thing, he must be very light sensitive. My kids seem ok, but my mom is very light sensitive.

Amy said...

Christian and Nathan are two peas in a pod on this one! My Easter pictures look very similar!