Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Thanks for praying for Christian!

Around 2:00 today he turned the corner, decided he was hungry, and started eating anything I would let him get his hands on.

The last meal he ate was on Sunday (lunch) so it had been 48 hours of no eating for him. He was starving!!

He was still throwing up this morning, so I did take him to the doctor around lunch time (should have just waited a few more hours and he would have been fine). But it was nice to know that it was just a virus and we did get a refill for a allergy med. for Christian, so it wasn't a complete waste of a trip.

Last night was pretty horrendous, but I mentally prepared myself ahead of time and pretty much planned on NOT sleeping, so I was okay with the miserable night we all had. Christian slept in bed with me, no fun. I felt his hot little feet touching me all night. Then there was the throwing up at various points. And Will was in the bassinet on the other side of me and he had his usual restless night. So I was super excited when my mom offered to take McKenna to her house this afternoon, so I could get a nap!!!

But it's over now!!! Yipee!! And tonight at bedtime Christian and I had a long talk with Jesus, just thanking him for being faithful to us even during the rough times and praising him that no one else in our family got sick.

Tomorrow I've got to get focused on Easter. I have not done a very good job of teaching/preparing my kids for Easter this year. We haven't even started our Ressurection Eggs and we should have started them days ago. At this point I'm pretty sure that McKenna thinks Easter is about Easter baskets and eggs and we have got to change that. We are going to do THIS cute little cooking craft later this week just for fun (and because it looks easy)! And tomorrow my kids are going to dye eggs for the first time ever. I'll take some pictures!!!


millicent said...

so glad he's better!!! We're going to make those nest treats, too! But, we were going to deliver them to our friends so we'll skip you guys. Unless you don't get to make them, then we'll still drop some off!

Katy said...

first time ever? they've never dyed eggs? oh they are going to love it!