Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blogging Peer Pressure :)

Well, after putting it out there yesterday that I never scrub my kitchen I scrubbed my kitchen floor. Like really scrubbed it. No swiffer wet jet was involved. It took me three hours because I was interrupted 500 times, but I got it done.

I also scrubbed our kitchen chairs. Have you ever done that? ewe!

I did make my kids eat lunch outside because I couldn't handle the thought of them messing up my clean floor. The sun was too much for Christian (what a surprise!) so they ended up eating in the garage. Maybe I'll make them eat dinner in the garage too, so my floor will stay clean until tomorrow. Just kidding!!!

So now I'm going to confess something else, with the hopes that this blogging peer pressure (that I created myself) will motivate me to get it done. Here goes: The sheets on Christian's bed haven't been changed since before Will was born. Everyone else's sheets have been changed, just not Christian's. He doesn't seem to care, but I really should do something about that.

So what's your least favorite household chore???

Mine is definitely laundry. I can't stand it mainly because it never ends. I'm never done. I can never really check it off the list.

What about you?


Amber said...

Judy.... I'm with ya on the laundry. I eat, breathe, and sleep laundry.... seriously I usually do 2 loads a day just to stay on top of it! I joke with Blake all the time that I'm either gonna do the dishes or the laundry, not both :) I am excited though since it is finally warm and "summer laundry" is so much easier... hardly any socks and much lighter, smaller clothes :)

Katy said...

dusting. hate it. told david before we got married so if it ever gets done, it's only because he did it. seriously. i never do. i am finally in a good laundry routine and change all the sheets for everyone on mondays. makes it easier that way. although it's annoying that laundry is forever, i always feel some completion when i finish a basket and get it put away! hang in there - i bet your floor looks amazing!! :)