Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pizza Pool Party!!!!!

Will went to his first pool party!! It was on one of those almost 100 degree days that we had, so the pool temp. was around 90 degrees. Perfect for my sweet little guy. He stayed in the pool for almost an hour!
One of the best parts about living where we live is our neighbors. We have several great friends that all live within a mile of our house and we love spending time with all of them!

Christian had just found out he had swimmers ear, so he was sad that he couldn't go under the water. I kept reminding him that he should just be thankful that I even let him get in, because he wasn't supposed to be swimming at all!

So Christian was kind of bummed until Mr. Brian and Miss Angie told him the dinner plan! He got to make his own pizza. Oh my word, he thought this was the greatest thing ever!

He made a smiley face pizza. He even put tomato on it and actually ate it! He made a second pizza later in the evening. This activity was such a hit for him that we're planning on having the same thing for dinner later this week to celebrate Christian's born-again birthday!

McKenna was proud of her cheese pizza too!

Chowing down!

What a fun night of precious friends, great food and fellowship!

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Mandy said...

Oh, yes...that would be something I would do...I left a note under the wrong heading. Look at the post below, my dear friend!