Friday, July 15, 2011

It wasn't all bad....

Actually, yesterday was pretty great despite the speeding ticket! Will had his 4 month check up and it was all good news! He weighs 17lbs 15oz and is in 92% for everything! He can start eating solids anytime now, but I think we're going to hold off for a couple more weeks. He's got a tiny hemangioma birth mark, but it's nothing to be concerned about. His eczema is under control thanks to some great Aveeno products. We are blessed to have a healthy precious boy!

Christian had a big appointment yesterday with a Pediatric Opthamologist. I was pretty worried going into this visit. He has been having really bad migraines multiple times a week since last fall. I just hate it for him. And he also has some other quirky habits that have given me pause over the last several years (like he watches TV out of the corner of his eye instead of looking straight at it). I just recently became aware of the fact that some kids can have perfect vision but they can have eye development issues that cause their two eyes to not work as a team. Long story short...I was worried. We made it to the eye doctor appointment a half an hour late but they were so sweet about it since I had called them and told them about all the drama it took me to get there. Within the first 10 minutes they ruled out any major vision problems and 3o minutes later the doctor assured me that Christian's vision was perfect, he did not have any eye development issues and that they didn't need to see him again!

I'm definitely giving all the praise to the Lord for such a great check-up for Christian! I am so, so thankful that we don't have anything to be worried about with his eyes! God is good! We still need to figure out what is going on with his headaches, although both his pediatrician and the opthamologist said that sometimes heachaches can just be hereditary and unfortunately Ryan gets really bad headaches. ((sigh))

So that's the full story! Sure the speeding ticket was super annoying, but I'll take that any day as long as my sweet boys are healthy! We are so blessed and thankful!

Psalm 40:4
"Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust..."


Anonymous said...

We thank God for our strong, healthy boys!

Sarah Joy said...

You can have his iron levels checked and see if taking iron will help. It did help Regs at once. You can also ask your doctor about taking magnesium, you get it at any drug store for around 5 bucks. It helps, Regs has been on it for three years. Also, ice packs at the base of the skull work well. Just don't let anyone put him on a preventative without a lot of prayer and research, they can have awful side affects and most prevents are anti seizure or BP meds or anti depressants. Regs migraines are bad and we still refuse all of the the things I mentioned. You can track his sleep as well to see if it is a trigger, Regs needs 10-12 hours of sleep or he gets them.
We do use Maxalt for breakthrough migraine pain and it almost always works but make shim tires, not a bad things when you have one because sleep is good for them.
I will certainly be praying for him, you know I understand after having one for going on five months straight... they are heart breaking to see in your child.