Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Growing up

He's growing up.

Still a complete delight.

But he no longer goes to sleep easily.

In fact, he's regressed in his sleeping habits.

I now get the joy of being up with him about 3 times a night.

He's teething.

Drool and chewing on those chubby fists like crazy.

He's starting to take interest in toys.

He's spent a few minutes in his exersaucer.

He's not a fan of the pool.

He smiles easily at pretty much anyone.

He recognizes his room and calms down once he's in there.

He no longer loves riding in the car.

He tries to sit up on his own all the time.

He's almost rolled over.

He can spin himself around in a complete circle when he's laying on the floor.

He's got eczema. No fun.

He's still nursing like a champ, but will take a bottle.

He loves Christian and actually laughs out loud at him.

He's a little tense around McKenna (for good reason).

We are all completely smitten with him!


Anonymous said...

Smitten is a good word. He is a delightful baby.

Katy said...

he is SUCH a cutie pie!! although being up 3x a night is no fun - he's surely not waking up hungry. is it just a habit he needs to break and learn to soothe himself back to sleep? UGH!! i'd be smitten with him too though! :)

Sarah Joy said...

So sorry you are up with him so often! Will pray this transitions to a better place for you both!
He is just so cute and I love the chubby cheeks!Such a big boy!

Alicia said...

Try Mustella...... Jack has eczema also, and it works great.