Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I love my mom!!!!

She's got my big kids today!!!
Whew .... I needed a break from them.
I adore them.
But we've got a teething baby in this house that refuses to sleep
and they have no understanding of what the word "quiet" means.
So it's quiet and Will is sleeping and
Oh how I love being productive!!!

So far I folded laundry
Painted a wall in my foyer/stairwell
(this wall has needed to be painted for months. all the other walls are done, but this one required some very tricky maneuvers while perched on top a ladder to get it done. I couldn't exactly do that while pregnant or after a c-section. but IT'S DONE!!)
I touched up paint in the hallway
I ate Oreos for lunch :)
and now I'm off to tackle the playroom.
You just can't get rid of toys when your kids are around.
You know how it is...
everything becomes their absolute favorite thing on earth as soon as they see it, despite the fact they never ever play with it.

ta-ta for now!!!

P.S. Would you join me in praying for a precious little baby named Wren? I've been praying for her all morning. She was born yesterday and is having a really rough time. She's in the NICU and is having a hard time breathing and with her kidneys. She needs a special touch from Jesus right now!


Katy said...

what a GIFT! i hope in the midst of all your productiveness you sneak a nap in there!!! :)

millicent said...

My favorite part was the Oreos for lunch!! Glad you got a lot done!!!