Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jesus would be proud

Christian has a BFF named Carter!
He lives a mile down the road.
He goes to our church
and next year they'll be riding the bus together!!

I've heard them have silly conversations about how annoyed they get with their sisters
and I've heard them talk about having Jesus in their hearts.
Earlier this week I heard them lamenting about how they wished they were brothers.

We can have Carter come over to our house for five hours and I might get to actually see him for five minutes. They just go off and play and completely entertain themselves!
Priceless I tell you!!!

Today Christian went swimming with Carter and he got one of his headaches.
By the time he got home it was BAD.
Poor guy was throwing up and miserable.

When he was finally feeling better around bedtime Christian said,
"I think Jesus is proud of Carter."
I asked him why he thought that and Christian said,
"Because when I was feeling sick and thought I was going to throw up in his car (I know, I know aren't you so glad he wasn't in your car!) Carter told me that he wished he was me. And I think he said that because he wanted to be sick so I wouldn't have to be."

Christian got that one right for sure!
Jesus would be proud.


ginny said...

Carter is such a kind boy and a good friend to Christian. It is wonderful to see those two interact with each other.

Amber said...

That is priceless! What a great little buddy for Christian!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet story. Will be praying for his headaches!


Millicent said...

that is so sweet!!!