Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Thumbs Up!

There was a lot of excitement when that last sticker #72 was put on the chart (Click HERE to read about the chart)! McKenna ran to the pantry to get our Car Mac & Cheese. We were saving it for the day we would go see Cars 2. So guess what we had for dinner?
This is supposed to be their excited faces. Whatever!

Even Will got in on the action by sporting his super cool Cars 2 t-shirt.

We cranked up a little "Life is a Highway" on the way to the theater!

So what did you guys think of the movie????

Two thumbs up!!!!

Truthfully, Christian loved it and McKenna kept asking to go to the bathroom because she was ridiculously bored and preferred to walk around and look at things. McKenna doesn't really watch movies, so as I suspected she kept asking if it was time to go home yet. Next time I've got to think of a reward that she would actually like.

What has surprised me the most is how proud they are of this chart.

For both of them this took some real thought and they had to change their behavior towards each other. Changing behavior is HARD, HARD, HARD!!! I really wish I had been more proactive about their attitudes towards each other when we first started to have problems. My excuse is that I was 8 months pregnant, but honestly if I had had a clue the bad habits they were getting into with the yelling and fighting I am certain I would have taken firmer action. Oh well...hindsight. We certainly don't have this all figured out, but we're a few steps closer.

This is called a "double hug" ....when McKenna's legs are wrapped around Christian and he's holding her up. It was "invented" by Christian and McKenna sometime during the last few weeks when we were working on our Fruit of the Spirit chart. I hope I see everyday :)


Katy said...

I love all the themes fun- the shirts, the cars MAC and cheese. So fun!!! The thing about parenting is that it is always changing. Kids don't stay the same and their challenges and struggles don't either. It's about staying intentional and aware I think so you can do your best to stay on top of it. This chart was a great way to teach them to look for ways to be a blessing to each other!!!

Holly said...

I saw you coming out of the theatre last night and figured that your kiddos had completed the chart! Yay! (We were coming back from seeing Winnie the Pooh at the mall and you were carrying Will out to the car). Ellie only made two trips to the bathroom (same boredom issue), but we liked the movie! I think the key for the little ones is to skip the previews (let them run around in the hallway) and then give them the popcorn/candy just as the movie starts. That might hold them over for a little longer. She sits so well with her snacks during the preshow/previews and then she gets bored twenty minutes into the movie! That's my next movie strategy! But I do love the fruit of the spirit sticker chart and may be borrowing that idea for our household : )