Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh stink!

This whole situation stinks literally and figuratively.


So here's the story:

Saturday night the kids and I headed over to my parent's house for the evening.
We swam, had dinner and I even got to go to the grocery store with just 1 kiddo :)

While we were there there was a huge thunderstorm.
Torrential rain, lightning, thunder, the works.

We got home sometime after 8pm and as Christian and I were walking in the door carrying groceries I saw that our back patio door was wide opened.

I freaked out and immediately thought someone broke in our house.
I remembered locking that door!! That door that was now opened!!!

I told Christian to get back in the car with McKenna and Will and lock the door.
I scared the poor boy to death.
Then I got Ryan on the phone and told him I thought someone broke in our house.
Now he was worked up too.

Long story short...
I looked in every closet, under every bed, behind every shower curtain.......
Just to make sure no one was in our house.
Not sure what my big plan would have been if someone was hiding under my bed. ha!
No one broke in.
The storm blew the door opened.
One of the kids must not have shut the door all the way and I didn't notice it when I went to lock it.
The door was still locked, just blown wide open.

So I went to bed feeling relieved.
Today..not so much.
You see, I didn't realize just how soaked the rug was.
Apparently it was really, really wet and now our carpet smells like a dead animal.
Yeah, that bad.
I even have Glade plug-ins saturating the air with their artificial fragrance and
I can't even stand to sit in the family room.

After doing a little googling, it looks like I'm going to have to pull up the carpet and rip out the padding underneath and replace it.
What a royal pain.
But a least there weren't any robbers in my house :)


the mccollums... said...

oh wow...i was a little scared too reading your post! So relieved it was just hte wind, but stinks about the carpet!

Suzanne Chatterton said...

I'm so sorry! That must have been so scary. However, glad it turned out to be something that can be replaced. I thought the story was going to involve the skunk!

Katy said...

oh my word - i was worred the skunk made his way back in! still, that is awful! can you just rent some high powered fans and dry it out really well and then have the carpet shampooed i there???

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking the skunk made his way into your house...glad he didn't. When my kiddos were younger, I came home to find my door wide open. I called the police...they went in and searched my entire house with guns pulled.

You should probably call the police...what if there was someone in your house???? Scary!!

Glad you're okay!!!


Anonymous said...

That's scary! I agree with calling the police. I was thinking the skunk had come back. I'm glad that wasn't the case either. Anna

Holly said...

Have you tried using dehumidifiers? My parents got water in their basement last spring and they used dehumidifiers for days (and soaked up any excess water with wet vacs). My mom also sprayed fabreeze and sprinkled baking soda on the carpets before she vacuumed (once it was dry). It seems to have worked. You could try that first, before you rip out the carpet.
I had a similar "break-in" situation when we lived at our old house. I came home late at night after coaching cheerleading and my door was cracked and the lights were on. I was SURE that I didn't leave the lights on. Steve was not in town, so I called my dad and then I waited for him in a nearby parking lot. My dad showed up 30 minutes later and went through my whole house to make sure it was safe. Apparently, I had left the lights on and the door cracked, because there was no one in there! is so scary, though, isn't it? You are a brave girl to search your whole house. I would have sat in the car with the kids and waited for back-up to arrive :)