Sunday, July 3, 2011

I hope this is the kind of night he remembers....

a night when I kissed him and prayed for him and told him how incredibly proud of was of his new found swimming skills.
then 15 minutes later (when the little kids were fast asleep and I knew he would still be awake) I got him out of bed to sit on the porch with me and eat ice cream and watch the neighbors set off fireworks.
we talked about planets and stars.
and he told me about his big plans for tomorrow.
he's going to make a parade with McKenna.
he's going to put flags on their power wheels vehicles and they're going to have instruments and drive around our neighborhood.
not sure how they're going to play instruments and drive, but it sounds fun.
he's so sweet...kept going inside to check on Will and McKenna.
he's such a talker.
I love him!


millicent said...

love it!!! I bet it made him feel like such a big kid!!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

you are such a GOOD MOMMY! God bless you, sweet lady!