Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just like you....

Dear Abby,

Do you see this little girl? Do you see the giggle and the smile on her face when she's around you? She adores you. She looks up to you. She wants to be just like you. She wants to be tall like you. She wants to wear outfits like you. She doesn't want to sit in a booster seat anymore, because you don't use one. She wants to buckle herself, because that's what you do. The potty seat is history around here, because Abby doesn't have one. She picks out her outfits and declares "Abby would love this." She thinks of you every day, all the time.

And that's why I'm so thankful we got to celebrate your born-again birthday with you. I'm so glad that McKenna knows that you love Jesus and that you have Jesus in your heart. Because she wants to be just like you. You do a beautiful job of being patient with your little shadow whenever you visit. I know she just about drives you crazy sometimes, but you are her BEST FRIEND and I can't think of a person who I would rather have her look up to.

Abby, I pray that you will always have that mischievous spark in your eye. That you will always love to play. That you will always be my pink girl :) And that everyone around you will always be able to see the fruit of the spirit in your life! Nothing in life is more important that loving Jesus and showing His love to others, including little 3 year olds.

We can't wait for you to come back and visit again. You definitely add a lot of JOY to McKenna's life when you're here.

Love you,

Auntie Judy

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet love letter to a special cousin!!! Those two are going to be great friends!!