Monday, July 25, 2011

Soccer Camp

Our church hosted a soccer camp this summer! Christian had a blast kicking up his soccer skills with all his church friends.

He was one of the youngest kids there, but that didn't stop him.

I think the main thing he learned or improved upon was the "fear factor." He played with kids and adults who weren't messing around and he LOVED it! He had no fear of the ball coming right at him!

Now he's all ready for soccer this fall!

McKenna loved soccer camp too! They gave her a t-shirt and she felt so big! She couldn't stop talking about how she wanted to wear pink socks and play soccer like those big girls. See how McKenna's friend Natalie has her shirt tied at her waist?? Well, McKenna has to do that now everytime she wears her soccer shirt. I tell you what, McKenna's got this whole sports/fashion thing figured out!


millicent said...

so funny about the shirt!!

Katy said...

mckenna looks OLD in that last picture! i bet she'll love soccer too. i was shocked by callie's love at it. thought she only would ever be a cheerleader with how much of a diva she can be. but she LOVED it!!so funny about the shirt! :)