Friday, July 8, 2011

A magical night

This little girl loves her Grandmom and PopPop's pool! It's so cute to see her take off across the yard as she heads to the pool!

My parents always manage to pick the most beautiful places to live. My childhood home was a priceless haven in which to grow up and my parent's current home has the most majestic mountain views. There's nothing like swimming in their pool at dusk watching the sun set behind the mountains.

Pictures don't even remotely do it justice.

Even the kids stopped their splashing long enough to notice how beautiful the sky was on this particular night.

Sidenote that has nothing to do with this post:

Nate is sooooo precious. When he came to visit this last time he brought his old baby blanket with him. He wanted to give it to Will. And Will seems to like it...he's chewing on it right now.

McKenna sticks close to her PopPop when she's in the pool.

These two crazy guys love to pose for pictures!

Will and Grandmom watched all the wildness from the safety of the deck.

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